Home Winterization

How to save money by reducing heating and cooling costs. Written by Craig and Lew.

Hi! Craig here.
I have seen a ‘service’ advertisement on TV where a technician will walk through your home with a Infrared (IR) or thermal video camera to show all the energy ‘leaks’. The walk-through is recorded for future reference. Typically, these IR cameras are used by insulation service providers to demonstrate how badly the customer really needs their expensive insulation services. I did a little research into this and found out how easy it is to scam a homeowner. If the camera is set up properly and used honestly the information it provides is valuable. However, the camera threshold and sensitivity can be adjusted to show negligible temperature differences from one extreme to the other. If you choose to pay for the ‘energy audit’, we recommend using a reputable firm.
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Surviving Bureaucracy

America seems to thrive lately on bureaucracy. Everywhere we go it haunts us. From the local government to the IRS, it is a major part of our lives. Waiting lines tend to be long, tempers short, and bad attitudes abound. This article is here to give you tips to get through the major trouble spots and actually use the system to get what you wanted, or at least come out the other side not so beaten down.
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The Steak Bom

The Super Sandwich.
No, I do not mean ‘Steak Bomb’.  I spelled the title correctly, (even if spell check tells me otherwise!)  Back in the early 90’s my brother Tim worked at a Greek/American Restaurant in Maine.  One of the specialties was a ‘Steak Bom’.  The owner of the shop was a Greek immigrant and a really cool guy.  He made some spectacular food.  I was told by ‘Peter the Greek’, as we called him, the steak bom is an old Greek meal.  The internet claims the ‘steak bomb’ was trademarked in 2007 by a New Hampshire restaurant, but I know they were being made 20 years earlier in Wiscasset Maine.  I learned to make these sandwiches while hanging around the shop one summer.  I expect you will come to love them too. Continue reading

American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey is clearly American, and is definitely not Chinese in nature, so don’t let the name fool you.  This dish is a great way to stretch a food budget to get multiple meals cheaply. Over the years, it is a meal we will fall back on when there is too much month left at the end of the money. Please, let us know if you like it.
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Mountain Money, why you must have it.

A Roll of Toilet Paper with a Package of Wipes.

Can be worth its weight in gold.

Recently my family and I were on the road just about half way between No-Place and Nowhere. It is too hot to drive without A/C but I turned it off and ordered all the windows down because the boy was farting like an anabolic reactor. Then I hear from behind me the boy say in an unusual voice “I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW!” I look over my shoulder to see he appears to be in full rigor mortis!
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